Sea water, your best ally to boost your vitality!

At Eclo, the oceans have always inspired us. It is on the shores of the North Atlantic Ocean in Brittany, that all our products are made in a High Environmental Quality laboratory that operates with 100% renewable energy.

                                      "The ocean is life."

The sea inspires us not only because it provides instant serenity just by observing it, because immersing your body in a sea bath is excellent for health, but also because the ocean is life: it absorbs 30% of the planet's CO2 and produces more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe.

And today, we wanted to talk to you particularly about the benefits of seawater for its therapeutic purposes. Widely used in balneotherapy and thalassotherapy, seawater has proven benefits against temporary fatigue, joint pain, and heavy legs due to its mineral content.

It contains almost all the elements of the periodic table!

It notably contains trace elements and macro-elements (magnesium, calcium, potassium, silicon, and iodine). The composition of seawater is similar to that of certain fluids in the human body such as plasma or interstitial fluid, whose role is to optimize nutrient exchanges between cells.


There are two forms of seawater. Firstly, isotonic seawater is the closest to human body fluids. It contains one-third of the salt content of seawater. Secondly, hypertonic seawater is purified and undiluted. It is three times more concentrated in minerals and trace elements than isotonic seawater, and contains two-thirds of the salt content of seawater. Each form addresses different needs. Hypertonic seawater, for example, is dedicated to short-term attack treatments, while isotonic seawater can be taken over the long term.

Seawater can even be consumed as a drinking cure!

Get a guaranteed energy boost to fight temporary fatigue, dull complexion, and low energy!

The Eclo team has found the gem cure from 1919 Bains de Mer, the brand from Saint-Malo that draws inspiration from women of the 1920s and their rejuvenating seawater baths. It's a hypertonic seawater cure to drink, sourced from Saint-Malo, 100% natural! A vitality and cellular regeneration booster, 100% assimilable by the body.

Head over to our Instagram account to win a 20-ampoule/20-day cure and an Eclo Lipstick!

Or go directly to the 1919 website, click here.

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