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How is Eclo an innovative and regenerative brand for the planet ?

We developed biodegradable formulas incorporating regenerative active ingredients for soils.

The cultivation of ingredients such as Haute-Loire rye makes it possible to restructure the earth by their long roots that consolidate the soils. Hemp cleans up soils by absorbing toxins and heavy metals, while brown algae help fight global warming due to its high carbon absorption capacity.

From formula to packaging, Eclo products are biodegradable and compostable. No petrochemical ingredients are incorporated into our formulas and we do not use plastic. Our products are zero waste and do not leave any harmful residue either on your skin or in the environment.

Eclo also works in close collaboration with the association "Pour une Agriculture du Vivant", the reference organization in France promoting regenerative agriculture, methods and processes that "give back to nature more than what is taken from it".

What are Eclo's certifications ?

The Eclo brand is certified BIO Cosmos Organic by ECOCERT Greenlife, the most demanding label on the market.

This means that more than 20% of the composition of the products come from organic farming. The brand also guarantees totally vegan, cruelty free, made in France and zero waste products.

How can Eclo products be stored ? Is there an expiration date ?

The products are formulated with ingredients of natural origin with preservative properties. They are therefore preserved naturally.

The legislation requires us to communicate on a retention period equal to 6 months after opening, but in practice, our formulas can be kept for years. It is like an oil or balm you already have at home.

How are Eclo products good for the skin? Is it also regenerative for the skin ?

The products contain several active ingredients such as rye extract that restores the tone and elasticity of the skin for a good look effect, hemp extract that has soothing and moisturizing properties as well as algae that has nourishing and smoothing virtues.

Other ingredients also have benefits for the skin.

The wax extracted from coconut helps to soften the skin while shea butter moisturizes and protects it. Cocoa butter moisturizes and protects the skin from skin aging. Castor oil moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin. Sunflower wax softens and softens the skin.

We use 100% naturally occurring ingredients that are not toxic to your skin or our planet. We do not guarantee that our products promote the cell regeneration of your skin but protects and nourishes it.

Are Eclo products comedogenic ?

Eclo products are not comedogenic. Dermatological tests have been performed in such a way that they are not likely to clog the pores of the skin or develop comedones.

Do Eclo products contain nickel ?

Our formulas all contain between 2 and 3 oxides among the 4 that may contain nickel, namely: CI 77489 (Orange iron oxide), CI 77491 (Iron tryoxide - red dye), CI 77492 (Iron oxide - yellow dye), CI 77499 (Iron tetraoxide - black dye).

What pigments are present in Eclo formulas ?

We use natural pigments of mineral origin certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert Greenlife.

Our pigments are: black dye CI 77499 Iron tetraoxide, red dye CI 77491 Iron trioxide, yellow dye CI 77492 Iron oxide, blue dye CI 77007 Lazurite and white dye CI 77891 Titanium dioxide.

Parabens, preservatives... are they present in Eclo products ?

Eclo products do not contain paraben or preservatives. Indeed, the formulation contains no or very little water, there is no microbial risk and proliferation of bacteria.

Can the intensity of Eclo products be modulated ?

Yes, absolutely. For a natural finish, take a small amount of material from your fingers and then apply.

For a more intense and colorful finish, heat the material for several seconds and then take more until the desired result.

It is also possible to combine and/or superimpose several shades such as lipstick and blush to expand your range of shades.

What is the capacity of Eclo jars?

All our jars have a unique size of 10 g, which is on average 3 to 4 times more than the capacity of traditional cosmetic products.

Is there a risk of using Eclo products on your finger or leaving a jar open ?

There is no risk for your skin or the product.

Our vegetable wax formulas contain no or very little water, so bacteria cannot grow. The product can also not "dry".

In addition, the finger use enables better hygiene. They are often much cleaner than most brushes lying around in a makeup bag.

Where are Eclo cosmetics manufactured ?

Eclo cosmetics are Made in France. The magic operates in Bretagne, where the products are thought and designed.

Can I reuse my jar once it is empty ?

Yes, the jars are reusable. Earrings, rings, hair clips, your children's baby teeth... Our small jars can hold (almost) anything you want once cleaned. Give them a second life !

It will soon be possible to send them back to us so that we can fill them again, it is also a way to give them a second life.

How does the Eclo packaging biodegrade ? What are the deadlines ?

Eclo formulas, containers and packaging are biodegradable and compostable. This means that they do not leave any petrochemical or harmful residue on the skin or in nature.

It is possible to compost the pot and packaging once they are empty. For this, you can compost it industrially, according to the infrastructure of your municipality, i.e. compost it at home. For this, a hammer blow is enough to put it in pieces and thus facilitate its decomposition.

Is there a risk that my 100% natural pot will deteriorate ?

If the pot is closed, it is safe. Your bathroom does not stay as humid for a whole day.

Is it possible to apply Eclo products with a brush ?

It is quite possible to use a brush but the rendering will be different.

Indeed, thanks to the friction of the fingers on the material, its melting texture allows a more intense application. However, you can use a brush to redefine the contours of your eye shadow or lipstick, for a more worked and structured finish. A total application with a brush will be less modular. .

Beauty tip: you can warm up the consistency with your finger the material that you place generously on the back of your hand. Then, come and work the material with a brush and then take it for a single and worked application.

Are Eclo products suitable for men ?

Yes, absolutely. Our pots are suitable for everyone. Their standard format and simple use allow everyone to use Eclo products as they see fit.

Do Eclo makeup stains disappear in the washing machine ?

Absolutely, Eclo makeup stains disappear in the washing machine. All Eclo formulas contain only 100% natural ingredients and no petrochemical ingredients. We still advise you to rinse your garment to remove the excess before putting it in your washing machine.

I want to contact the Eclo team, how do I do it ?

The Eclo team can be reached via social networks or at the following email address: We will be happy to answer your questions.

How to apply Eclo lip colours ?

Our lip colours can be applied with your finger, for an incredible sensory experience. Warm the vegetable wax that makes up the material by making circular motions with your finger and apply it directly to your lips. As pleasant to the touch as worn on the lips, the texture enables easy sampling and quick application of the material. It can also be applied with a lip brush.

Where do the hemp, seaweed and rye in Eclo formulas come from ?

These regenerative active ingredients are grown locally : in Bretagne for the hemp and seaweed present respectively in our lip colours and eyeshadows. Rye, contained in the blush, is grown in Haute-Loire.


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