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100% natural, 0 plastic packaging.
It is finally possible.

Enhance your natural beauty whilst caring for the world around you. It's our goal to make this a reality for our customers by designing an innovative, eco-friendly make-up collection. Everything about our products has the planet in mind : from the formulas to the packaging.

We aim to reduce plastic waste and ensure all our packaging is good for the environment.

Minimalistic and limited to nothing but the essentials, our packaging is made from wood chips, plant material and natural resin. All of these components are compostable and benefit the soil. With Eclo, your beauty routine will never have been so eco-friendly !

Our packaging is eco-designed

Our packaging is eco-designed

It is completely natural, based on plant amalgam and wood scraps.

❌ 0 plastic.
❌ 0 chemical residue.

Our packaging can be composted

Once empty, the container can have a second life, and can be composted industrially or domestically (by reducing it into pieces), without leaving microplastics or petrochemical residues in nature.

Our packaging complies with EN 13432

Our packaging is sustainable

A packaging as functional as aesthetic that stands out for its touch and its unique appearance. A sustainable and uncompromising solution, 100% bio-based that suits our textures made of vegetable oils and waxes.


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