We conceive next generation makeup products,
which enhance your natural beauty. Good for you,
good for the planet.

Beauty is universal; it's within us and all around us. So, we've created Eclo, a make-up brand that cares for the planet.

Our goal ? To make your skin look and feel amazing whilst preserving the natural beauty of the world around us — without compromise. 

Our blushes, foundcealers, eyeshadows and lip colours are made with vegan, organic, and 100% natural ingredients (most of which are sourced from regenerative agriculture) and are boxed in innovative, fully compostable packaging.

Their creamy, melting texture comes in a palette of universal colours, each inspired by nature. Eclo provides a beautifully simple and guilt-free way to enhance your natural beauty !

Enhance your complexion with natural colours and textures

Our innovative make-up has the power to enhance your complexion in an instant.

Thanks to the natural colour palette, it subtly revives key areas of the face. Comprised of plant-based waxes, it has a melting texture that's easy to apply using your fingers or with a brush in circular motions, providing a lightweight finish. You can play around with the coverage to create numerous results, from sheer to bold finishes. 

Whilst many will enjoy experimenting with this versatility, others will prefer to use our products to create a minimalist routine which is just as sensorial and effective as a classic beauty regime.

No matter your preference, our make-up will always provide a natural, long-lasting and perfectly balanced finish that feels just like a second skin !

Care for your skin with our eco-friendly formulas

On top of enhancing your natural beauty, our products care for your skin and don't contain any unnecessary ingredients. They're 100% natural and formulated with organic and vegan ingredients, many of which are sourced from regenerative agriculture. Their formulas are comprised of plant-based wax, plant-based or mineral pigments and natural active ingredients, giving them moisturising, antioxidant and soothing properties. 

All our lip colours contain seaweed extract from Brittany, which is known for its plumping and soothing properties.

Our blushes and foundcealers nourish and protect your skin against ageing thanks to their formula enriched with cocoa butter and antioxidant vitamin E. They're also packed with organic rye extract, which is rich in arabinoxylan, providing an instant natural glow.

As for our eyeshadows, they owe their soothing and moisturising properties to hemp. With our products, colour and skin care go hand in hand !

Our makeup range

Sublimez toutes vos envies avec nos magnifiques rouges à lèvres, blush et ombres à paupières. Tous nos produits sont 100% d'origine naturelle, bio, vegan, made in France et nos emballages sont 100% naturels également, à base d'amalgame de bois et végétal.


Highly pigmented, smooth texture, long-lasting, for that second-skin finish.

Clean & Natural

Organic certified Cosmos Organic, 100% of natural origin, biodegradable, vegan.


Our formulas are infused with ingredients such as hemp, rye, and algae that help regenerate soils and seabed.

Eco-designed packaging

Made from vegetable amalgam and wood. 0 plastic. 0 chemical residue.

Innovative and sustainable

Zero plastic, zero chemical residue.

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