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How to choose the right Eclo Foundcealer shade for your skin ?

To choose the best matching shade,
you need to follow these 2 steps : 1. identify your skin color. 2. identify your under skin tone.

1- What is your skin tone ? 

Very Fair to Fair

For the pretty “English Roses” with pale and delicate skin that are sensitive to sun, sprinkled with frekles, often red or blond or light brunette haired.
▹Choose among range 100.

Fair to Medium

For those who tend to tan easily and who can alternate between light and medium skin tones depending on seasons and also for naturally tanned skin all year long.
▹Choose among range200

Medium to Mate

For your irrestible medium dark to dark skin, you usually have dark hair, no freckles and do not get sunburn.
▹Choose among range 300.

2- What is your skin undertone ?

Knowing under skin tone will help you identify the right Foundcealer shade for your skin.

To get to know your under-skin tone, get a natural light and observe the color of your veins on your wrist.

R for Red

If your veins look blue/purple, then your under skin tone is cold. We advise you to choose a shade ending with R.

N for Neutral

If you struggle defining the colour of your veins between blue/green/purple then your under-tone is probably neutral ! We advise you to choose a shade ending with N.

W for Warm

If your veins look green/olive, then your under skin tone is warm. We advise you to choose a shade ending with W.



Fair with reddish cold undertones: choose Porcelaine Rosée (100R)
Fair with neutral undertones : choose Ivoire (105N)
Fair with warm undertones : choose Vanille (110W)


Medium with reddish cold undertones: choose Beige Rosé (200R)
Medium neutral undertones : choose Beige Classique (205N)
Medium with warm undertones : choose Beige Doré (210W)


Dark with reddish/ cold undertones: choose Beige Foncé (300R) or Caramel (305N)
Light dark with warm undertones:choose Acajou (310W)
Dark with warm undertones : choose Chocolat (315W)



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