Pilates, a path to well-being and self (re)connection

Let's dive into the world of Pilates through the passionate eyes of Hava, a certified teacher who enthusiastically shares the benefits of this fashionable discipline.

Hava, could you introduce yourself and tell us a little more about what Pilates really is?

    Hava: "Of course! I'm a certified Pilates teacher from the "Romana's Pilates" school. Romana's Pilates" is the school created by Romana Kryzanowska, considered to be the teacher who teaches the method as close as possible to what it originally was.

    Pilates is an approach to physical exercise that strengthens the body as a whole, emphasizing deep muscles and promoting general well-being. The benefits and results are undeniable, for both body and mind.

    I teach in the 16th arrondissement in Paris and I also have several programs available online. My Pilates sessions are designed to suit all levels. Each one is tailored to the specific needs of my clients and can be adapted in case of any pathologies."

    How did Hava Pilates come into being?

      "It came about quite unexpectedly. I'd always been attracted to wellness through the practice of a sporting activity, but it was when I discovered Pilates in New York that my life took a new turn! I fell in love with the discipline. I immediately fell in love with its holistic approach; the Pilates method sees the body as a whole and not as several independent parts. This vision gives meaning to movements and optimizes strengthening work.
      After working for a long time as a lawyer in business law, I left my job to train in Romana's Pilates and devote myself fully to my passion.
      Today, I accompany many people, including celebrities, to help them achieve theirphysical goalsand reconnect with their bodies ."

      Could you tell us about the benefits of Pilates?

        "There are many, impacting both body and mind.

        On the physical level, Pilates helps to strengthen the body's overall muscles, improve flexibility, reduce body aches and optimize posture. Each of these benefits leads to a general feeling of well-being and vitality.

        On a psychological level, Pilates often encourages a (re)connection between body and mind, a relationship we sometimes tend to neglect in our hectic daily lives. It's all about listening to your body and your sensations. I'm used to saying that the body in movement frees the mind, promoting better concentration, stress reduction and a deeper perception of oneself."

        As a Pilates teacher, why did it seem obvious to you to collaborate with Eclo?

          "I'm a big believer in holistic beauty, which is a comprehensive approach to beauty that emphasizes the importance of feeling good both inside yourself and with your physical appearance. With the Eclo brand, we share the same convictions. We're both strong proponents of this approach, advocating the importance of feeling good and taking care of ourselves.
          Their cosmetics are 100% natural and contain regenerating active ingredients that are good for the skin, so I can give my face a glow without damaging it! What's more, all their packaging is eco-responsible and fully compostable, so I can play my part in preserving our planet! What more could you ask for?"

          What is your daily beauty routine?

          "Devoting time every day to the well-being of my body and face is essential for me. I pay particular attention to moisturizing my face morning and night. As for make-up, every day I apply a touch of Eclo lipstick, Rose Fierce. Its texture is so moisturizing that it's replaced my lip stick! And in the evening I moisturize my hands, especially when winter arrives."

          Finally, what is your favorite Eclo product?

            "That's a tough one! I love them all! I'd have to say it's the Blush Rose Auroreis a real treasure in my make-up bag. It has a natural color that blends perfectly with my skin and gives a touch of light to my cheekbones, without being too showy. Its fresh, radiant look naturally enhances my complexion, whatever the season!

            By the way, their Corrective Foundation is superb too. I have the golden beige shade. It nourishes my skin, conceals my imperfections and harmonizes my complexion without being too covering! It has a super-light texture that gives me a second-skin effect that I love, for a natural look."

            Hava Pilates' beauty routine

            Hava uses Eclo products:


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