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Eclo Certified Slow Cosmetics

What is Slow Cosmetics?

Slow Cosmetics® is above all a movement that promotes a more ecological and reasonable consumption of cosmetics. It is represented by the Slow Cosmetics Association and a community of over 300 brands.

"A movement working towards a more authentic and healthier cosmetics industry."

Every year, the Slow Cosmetics Association conducts advocacy campaigns and applauds committed cosmetics brands by awarding them the Slow Cosmetics Label, a quality label that guarantees a natural product without synthetic materials, as well as without controversial compounds for health or the environment.

A movement, a label, a founding charter 

The Slow Cosmetics Charter defines fundamental values for healthier and more authentic cosmetic products. It is recognized and put into practice by our members and revolves around 2 pillars:


Respect de la santé de l’Homme, du végétal et de l'animal.

Zéro test sur les animaux.
Privilégier les ingrédients naturels et biologiques non transformés 0 ingrédient polluant.
Encourager les pratiques vertueuses et durables.


Pas de fausses promesses.
Des allégations raisonnables et justifiées.
Vendre au juste prix.
Promouvoir les savoir-faire traditionnels.
Faire confiance aux ingrédients naturels sans revendiquer l'exclusivité.
Encourager à consommer moins mais mieux.
Encourager l'adoption de produits bons pour le corps et l'esprit.


Why is it important?

In a world where everything is becoming "fast" - fast-fashion, fast-food, fast-beauty - and where overconsumption is becoming a marker of our frenetic pace of life, the Slow attitude becomes a true counterbalance and invites us to slow down.
It's a way of life that applies to all aspects of life and consumption, making it more reasonable, fairer, and more respectful of the environment.

"The ecological and psychological impact of current cosmetics is very heavy for the planet, for our wallets, and for our state of mind. Faced with this observation, some say that another kind of cosmetics is possible."

Julien Kaibeck, Founder of Slow Cosmetics

What are the criteria in practice?
Thanks to its numerous technical and philosophical criteria, the Slow Cosmetics label guarantees consumers brands that are "committed" on many points. Over the years, the label has made it a habit to summarize all of its guarantees around 4 pillars:


What does it mean for you?

With the Slow Cosmetics Label®, consumers know that a brand offers products with clean formulas and reasonable marketing.

The Slow Cosmetics Association awards the Slow Cosmetics Label® to cosmetic brands that are worth considering after rigorous examination. This label is not only interested in the formula! The overall approach must also be healthy and reasonable.



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