Eclo in the top 3 new Clean brands, by The GoodGoods

Eclo is quoted in The GoodGoods, Beauty section.

"Innovation in clean cosmetics: vertical farming and regenerative beauty.

Plants levitating in water that grow vertically in urban farms, a French crop of cosmetic ingredients that repair the earth and capture carbon... Let's step away from dystopian predictions for a moment to daydream about holistic beauty, which makes our skins glow without harming our ecosystems. Here are 3 clean beauty brands & ranges that will also brighten your soul.


Eclo, regenerative agriculture for healthy skin.

ECLO is a new cosmetics and make-up brand from Brittany, made in France. Certified organic, it is one of the first to follow the principles of regenerative agriculture. The cosmetics department is buzzing.

Regenerative beauty

With fashion repairing the earth, it's time for beauty to help heal the soil, through the concept of regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture considers the earth as a complex living being, and its inhabitants - whether living or inert - as energy resources for nourishment and regeneration. It mimics the cycles naturally present in nature, helping to increase biodiversity, enriching soils as crop cycles progress and helping to mitigate global warming through carbon recapture.

A concept all the more fundamental given that the conventional cosmetics industry has been at the very root of soil degradation, desertification, deforestation and loss of biodiversity since the 1950s and the advent of petrochemicals in this sector. Massive use of drinking water for cultivation and the chemical transformation of compositions, the creation of emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners...

Time for both our skin and the environment to switch to healthy products whose impact is measured over the entire value chain, from composition to end-of-life, a truly green, traceable and transparent composition, responsible packaging and reasoned distribution channels (a wish fulfilled in the next paragraph).

ECLO, organic and Breton beauty, made in France.

ECLO is made entirely in France, is certified as a regenerative agriculture company and uses agro-ecology to grow its products. It offers a range of organic and vegan products with a French composition (organic hemp and brown seaweed from Brittany, organic rye from Haute-Loire) whose ingredients are sourced in short circuits and rigorously selected for their ability to regenerate the soil and seabed. They are combined with plant waxes and mineral pigments to optimize texture.

A real challenge in cosmetics, the packaging is 100% natural origin, eco-responsible, made from plant amalgam and wood from managed European forests, compostable, with no plastic or chemical residues.

The brand's first make-up line is certified Bio Cosmos Organic by Ecocert Greenlife. It won a first Award at the Indies and Beauty tech forum organized by Cosmétiquemag."

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