Eclo partners with Tiroir de Lou, ethical and committed jewelry

Because it's easier to get things moving when you're with others, Eclo has teamed up with Tiroir de Lou to bring you a portrait of Stéphanie, a committed woman and passionate jewelry designer.

Driven by the desire to offer ethical jewelry designed to last, Stéphanie meticulously crafts each piece of her creations in her Tiroir de Lou workshop, nestled in the heart of Brussels.

  • Stéphanie, could you introduce yourself and tell us the story behind the creation of Tiroir de Lou?

My name is Stéphanie Dezangré. I created my jewelry brand exactly 10 years ago. I was a journalist at the time, but I'd always dreamed of a creative life. Jewelry has always played an important role in my life and in my family's history.

Although I've always been a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to experimenting with my creativity, my favorite thing to make has always been jewelry. Because I love their delicacy and poetry, but also and above all because they are sensitive, emotionally-charged objects. I particularly like the symbolism they can convey. In my opinion, the fact that we can carry these creations around with us makes them particularly magical little objects.

Tiroir de Lou was born of these creative impulses, which come straight from my heart as a sensitive woman. I received help from my dad to set up my business 10 years ago, and today there are 12 of us working on the project. I let it grow organically, because I feel the need to anchor my entrepreneurial life in a "slow" approach. In 10 years, we've not only gained a great deal of expertise in terms of quality, but we've also built a community that is sensitive to our values and the strong messages we convey. That's the most important thing for me.

  • What are Tiroir de Lou's values? How are they reflected in your collections?

The core value of my Tiroir is authenticity. From the very beginning, I've been committed to "speaking the truth". To share my reality, my states of mind. My jewelry accompanies my words. I write all the texts we publish, and take all the photos and videos. Besides, we're craftsmen, we work with our hands. Of course, I want to talk about ethics, but that word seems to have lost all its substance because it's so overused.

We make everything in our own workshop in Brussels. We use almost exclusively recycled silver and gold. We have our packaging made in prison, our machines are powered by solar panels, we make everything in small batches, we take great care to offer jewelry that lasts over time, we repair all the jewelry that comes back to us, we work with local suppliers, and so on.

We take our eco-responsible approach as far as possible, and we're always looking for ways to improve. This humility is essential today: "truly" ethical brands do their best. But, of course, we mustn't forget that the moment we produce something, we're already no longer "ethical".

  • What is the inspiration behind your collections? Are there any specific themes or artistic influences that guide your designs?

My inspiration is first and foremost my journey on this earth. As a very sensitive person, I'm constantly searching for meaning. When I go through something, when I understand something fundamental to me, I always want to transform it into a piece of jewelry. A talisman with meaning. To help me get out of my head, to anchor my awareness in matter. That's my number 1 inspiration.

Then, of course, there's nature and all it has to offer. I'm very sensitive to the environment and to living things. I spend a lot of time in the forest, which obviously influences my work. I'm particularly fond of the irregularity and imperfection of organic forms. And of course, in a less direct way, I'm also influenced by trends. But I always try to interpret it in the most timeless way possible. Because, in my eyes, an ethical object should appeal to us over the long term...

  • Can you tell us more about the Rose/Jade duo?

Rose and Jade are small earrings in vermeil (gold-plated silver). They're Le Tiroir's most minimalist pieces of jewelry. I wanted delicate, simple earrings to wear every day, so I created 12 little earrings to combine as I wished (Rose and Jade are my favorites). I've always loved little baubles. They've been part of my Tiroir story from the very beginning. I love the way the light reflects off them.

  • Why does a collaboration with Eclo make sense for you?

First and foremost because Eclo shares our values. I love this young brand's approach to natural beauty: the approach, the compositions, the packaging and so on. I'm also impressed by the active ingredients used by Eclo: rye, hemp, seaweed... I'm very touched by their promise that these ingredients will help regenerate the soil. Isn't that nice? I must admit, I also really like the softness that emanates from the brand's visuals...

  • What's your usual beauty routine?

My beauty routine is very minimalist. In the morning, I apply a hyaluronic acid serum and my moisturizer. I then work on my complexion with a sun powder and concealer. Then I finish off with a pretty, healthy-glow blush like Blush Rose Aurore. I lightly make up my eyebrows and that's it.

In the evening, I remove my make-up with an oil and wash my face with soap. A little moisturizer and I'm ready for the night...


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