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"Eclo, birth of a new innovative player", by Fashion Networks

Fashion Networks mentions Eclo on its website.

"Eclo, the birth of a new French player in natural and innovative beauty".

The first regenerative beauty brand, that's how Eclo presents itself, a brand new French cosmetics label that combines naturalness, innovation and sustainable development. For its launch on Wednesday April 6, Eclo has launched a pre-order campaign on Ulule. The aim: to federate a community of committed customers.

Behind Eclo are Priscille Charton, a cosmetics expert who spent 12 years with the Coty group, Julien Callède, one of the co-founders of the website, and Marin Susac, previously Brand and CSR Director at the Bel food group.

"Working for a major cosmetics group was exhilarating, with lots of opportunities. In 2014, however, my husband and I embarked on a year-long sailing trip across the Atlantic, and not a day went by that we didn't come across large or small pieces of plastic. You don't come back from a trip like that unchanged, and then I had my children, and I wondered more and more about the world we were going to leave them," recounts Priscille Charton, who was most recently head of innovation for the Rimmel brand, a position she left in July 2020 to launch the Eclo adventure.

"Before slapping hands with Priscille (Charton, editor's note) and signing the partnership contracts, we defined Eclo's unavoidable DNA: to go further than others in terms of sustainable development, to offer very high-quality products, which is not always the case when we talk about natural, and to build a community.Our conviction is that our first financiers should be our customers", says Julien Callède, who does not rule out the possibility of raising funds in the future from committed institutional investors with expertise in beauty and R&D.

For its launch, Eclo offers 11 make-up products certified Cosmos Organic by Ecocert Greenlife. "The organic and natural make-up market is a little-addressed market, particularly as it is highly technical and still waiting to see how effective the products are", explains Priscille Charton.

On the program for this first Eclo launch: blushes, lipsticks and eyeshadows made in Brittany. The products, all of which can be applied with the finger (approx. 30 euros), are made from ingredients sourced in short circuits: organic hemp and brown seaweed from Brittany, and organic rye from the Haute-Loire region, recognized for their benefits to the skin and their ability to regenerate the soil and seabed.

To select these ingredients, Eclo's teams worked alongside the Pour une agriculture du vivant association, which works to promote the transition of agriculture and food production to agro-ecology. In terms of containers, Eclo has opted for jars made from wood and plants, which are fully compostable, plastic-free and chemical residue-free.

Eclo's Ulule campaign ends on May 13, after which it will open its e-shop. However, the brand does not wish to be a pure-player, and has already attracted the interest of some forty partner distributors.

Between now and the end of the year, Eclo will launch new products such as corrective foundations and mascara, before moving into the skincare and hygiene segment.

Article written by Sarah Ahssen and published on April 06, 2022 - Read more


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