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Eclo is in ELLE magazine through its website. Extract.

When the cosmetics industry invests in regenerative agriculture - The cosmetics industry is now going one step further by using agroecology to cultivate its active ingredients. A breath of fresh air as vital as it is exciting.

"Younger brands are also putting this principle at the heart of their projects, like the Eclo make-up line (@eclobeauty), certified Cosmos Organic (the European organic label), available next spring. The founders have selected three short-circuit active ingredients for their regenerative benefits: rye, which drains the soil, Breton brown seaweed, which captures carbon, and Breton hemp, known for aerating the soil. "The idea is to start a revolution, to educate consumers and guide their choices. The laboratory we worked with has invested heavily, betting that other brands will follow suit," enthuse Priscille Charton and Julien Callede, the founders of Eclo."

Article on - October 4, 2021 - Consult


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