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Beyond clean beauty.
This is regenerative beauty.

At Eclo, beauty is a link that binds the body to the planet.

Having a positive impact means first choosing natural ingredients but also returning to nature what has been taken from it. Rather than depleting natural resources, regenerative agriculture relies on the ability to optimize them by prioritizing the cultivation of raw materials that improve the quality of soils, seabeds, and all the organic matter that makes them up.

A regenerated living soil has an increased carbon capture capacity and thus presents itself as a natural and efficient way to effectively fight climate disruption.

Eclo is working in this sense alongside the association "For a living agriculture" aiming to shake up supply chains in the cosmetics industry and favor local regenerative farming methods.

A healthy soil provides nutrient-rich raw materials to improve the quality and health of the skin. For its first makeup line, Eclo was inspired by nature's natural cycle by integrating three articulately virtuous ingredients:

Regenerative farming

Venture off the "clean beauty" track and experience Eclo's "green" alternative that truly has the planet in mind.

The term "regenerative beauty" best describes our concept, not just because our make-up regenerates and cares for your skin, but because it's intrinsically connected to nature and our formulas actively take steps to preserve the planet. We select active ingredients such as hemp, rye and seaweed sourced from regenerative agriculture. This type of agriculture aims to improve the health of the soil and seabed whilst promoting biodiversity and improving ecosystem resilience. It also increases soil carbon capture capacity, rebalancing CO2 production.

In short, it's a natural and effective way to fight against CO2 emissions. An extra benefit in terms of eco-responsibility is that our packaging is plastic free, made from plant-based amalgam and wood chips, and 100% industrially compostable. You won't find anything more eco-friendly !

The hye of Haute-Loire.

It has unparalleled soil restructuring powers through its very large root network and its ability to withstand the coldest temperatures. Rich in arabinoxylan, rye promotes a natural healthy glow and has therefore found a place of choice among the blush range.

The Breton hemp

It is a low-water, pesticide-free crop adapted to a wide variety of soils. Its residues, rich in nutrients improves their quality and that of future crops. It depollutes soil by absorbing toxins and heavy metals while reducing carbon emissions.

Smoothing and soothing, it stands out as the key ingredient in the eyeshadow line.

The brown seaweed

Brown algae, grown on the Bretagne coast, has the ability to sequester a large amount of carbon.

It also helps clean the oceans of phosphates, nitrates and other pollutants from agriculture and promotes marine biodiversity, creating marine habitats for other species.

The preservation of algae being however precious, Eclo naturally turned to algae from a reasonable and reasoned gardening at sea.

Eclo partners up with "Pour une agriculture du vivant"

French association which aims at accelerating the food and agricultural transition by structuring agroecological product chains.

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