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Makeup and Holistic Beauty by Sarah-Line Attlan

Who is Sarah-Line Attlan?

Sarah-Line Attlan is the Founder of the wellness center Lymfea and an expert in Holistic Beauty. Lymfea is a care institute specializing in lymphatic drainage and offers draining massages performed by expert hands or using the madero technique with wooden devices, always with a holistic approach, inside and out.

What is Holistic Beauty?

The word "Holistic" comes from the Greek "holos," which means "whole." Holistic beauty thus starts from the principle that external appearance is undeniably linked to inner balance. "Appearance cannot be detached from emotions, from our relationship with others. To feel beautiful, you must first and foremost be in harmony with yourself," explains Sarah-Line Attlan in Cosmopolitan magazine. Beauty is now defined by well-being and balance rather than physical appearance. According to this vision, our energies and emotions attract positivity into our lives. Those who radiate are those who have found this balance and emit this visible energy.

Makeup and Holistic Beauty?

From lymphatic drainage to the plumping application of Eclo Lipstick, Sarah-Line Attlan shares with us in a few steps a makeup routine that is good on the inside and beautiful on the outside.


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